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Saie La Vie.

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Meet our Founder

After years of working for massive brands within the beauty industry and launching her own clean beauty blog, The Moment, Laney Crowell noticed something major was missing from the market: clean makeup. Specifically clean makeup that’s well, cool.

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The Saie Look

We will forever love the cool girl on the street, on the subway, in the elevator who possesses that je ne sais quoi attitude. You know the one. She’s at once timeless and current, she pulls off an aesthetic that looks complete but was no doubt thrown together in five minutes.

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Meet our Creative Director

If Geri Hirsch’s name rings a bell to you, it’s probably because she was one of the first to break into the blogging scene with her widely adored blog, Because I’m Addicted. For fifteen years Geri has worked with various lifestyle & beauty brands through her blog, and now she joins the Saie team as our Creative Director!

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Beauty supplements that actually work

If you’re anything like us and on a forever pursuit to achieve firm, clear, and glowing skin, then you’ve probably experienced the moment wherein you’ve paused to lovingly gaze at your medicine cabinet-sized collection of skincare products, only to notice up in the corner your measly multi-vitamin and *maybe* a bottle of biotin you purchased a few months back that has yet to be opened.

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Meet our Head of Product Development

One thing’s for sure: Sarah Tallman is no stranger to the beauty world. She’s worked in product development at one of the biggest brands in the world (where she met Saie’s founder, Laney). We are so excited to have one of the industry’s top product developers lead our department, and we recently sat down with Sarah to learn more about her role at Saie, her go-to beauty looks, and how she likes to spend a Saturday afternoon..

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A Beginners Guide to Composting (Even if You Live in an Apartment)

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Meet our Head of Operations & Sustainability

Hanna will be the first to admit she’s never been a full-fledged makeup junkie, but she fell for clean beauty hard after finding non-toxic skincare products that were gentle and good for her sensitive skin. She joins Saie as our Operations & Sustainability Lead.

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Meet our Head of Finance

In a lot of ways, Tina’s razor-sharp business acumen is the glue that holds us all together! After beginning her career in management consulting and investment banking, she decided to repurpose those core skills and began working in business development and acquisitions for some of the biggest beauty brands in the world. We are so happy to have Tina join us as our new Chief Financial Officer.

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Your Guide to a Healthy Gut

Gut health and the microbiome have, in recent years, taken center stage within the health and wellness worlds, so we wouldn’t be surprised at this point if you’ve already heard the phrase “your gut is your second brain". But what does that actually mean, and if it really does function as the body’s second brain, how do we make sure it’s operating in top form? 

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