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Clean Products for Pregnant Mommas

A growing belly is just one (a big one!) of the many ways your body starts to change during pregnancy. From hormone fluctuations to cravings to hair growth, every trimester brings with it new changes for your body and mind. Part of adapting to these changes is taking a look at the things you put into your body to ensure sure you’re making healthy choices for yourself and for your growing baby, and skincare products are no exception! Most of us know there are certain skincare ingredients like Retinol and Hydroquinone that are best to be avoided during pregnancy, but there are also tons of pregnancy-friendly products out there that are specifically formulated to nourish and support skin as your body changes. 


Our founder Laney is pregnant and getting very close to her due date, so we wanted to get some tips and advice about the products she relies on during and after pregnancy, and how she finds moments for self-care during such a transformational time. 

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 Saie: As a clean beauty advocate, most of your skincare products are likely already safe to use during pregnancy, but what are some of the products you take out of your routine, if any? 

Laney: Nothing really. I use 100% clean and non-toxic products, so there's no transition. I do use more products that are geared towards acne though since I tend to breakout more when I'm pregnant. I swear by True Botanitcal's Clear line, especially the serum. I'm a little more sensitive to smells, so I don't use anything that's too intensely scented and instead opt for unscented or floral scents.


Saie: Can you share with us some of the go-to products you've incorporated into your routine since you've been pregnant? 

Laney: I've been going through a lot of body oil and creams. I love the Mutha Body Butter and Detox Mode's body oil. 


Q: What kind of advice do you have in the way of self-care (and self-love!) for first time moms-to-be? 

Laney: I keep reminding myself to sit down, and not feel guilty about it. It's ok to do nothing and just connect with the baby. I also take a lot of epsom salt baths and schedule as many massages as I can fit in. During quarantine I was desperate for a foot rub so I got an electric foot massager that I keep by my desk and use every day.


Q: It's easy to feel not so cute towards the end of pregnancy when you and your body are just realllly ready for baby to arrive. What's your low effort way to get ready and feel good during those last couple of months? 

Laney: Every morning I spend some time getting ready. I'm so appreciative of our 2-minute makeup routine because it makes me feel put together really quickly. Just those few minutes of self-attention and beautification feels amazing. 


Q: How do you care for your skin and body postpartum? Are there any other products you've loved that have been particularly helpful during the fourth trimester after your little one has arrived? 

Laney: Well, baby #2 hasn't arrived yet (soon!) and I can't say that I nailed it last time (I had no idea what to expect). This time around I've ordered a lot more postpartum clothes so I'm comfortable, I've scheduled a masseuse to come to the house every other day for the first month, and I'm writing a 1-sheet on healing recipes that other people can make for me (my favorite smoothie recipe, broths, and oatmeal that promotes breast milk). 

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