Meet our Head of Finance – Saie

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Meet our Head of Finance

In a lot of ways, Tina’s razor-sharp business acumen is the glue that holds us all together! After beginning her career in management consulting and investment banking, she decided to repurpose those core skills and began working in business development and acquisitions for some of the biggest beauty brands in the world. We are so happy to have Tina join us as our new Chief Financial Officer, where she combines her own innovative visions with her deep insight into analytics to lead our financial planning as well as our larger brand positioning. We sat down with Tina to learn more about her simple but reliable beauty routine, and what her days look like now that she has a new puppy!


Describe your job at Saie in three words. Ready, Go! 


Finance, planning and strategy


What does it mean to you to "Have It All"?


"Having it all" to me means balance. It means that I'm directing my time and energy on things that fulfill me, and managing (or minimizing) my efforts on the things that don't.


What’s your favorite time of day? Why? 


I really enjoy relaxing at home in the evening with my husband and our new puppy. The downtime is really comforting and grounding, especially after a long day of work. 


Do you have a go-to beauty look? Walk us through it.


Ever since I moved to SF, my beauty routine has gotten super simple! For my face, I like to keep it bare - serums and SPF only. For my eyes, I use simple black eyeliner on my upper lid with a short cat-eye flick. I like to curl my lashes and add on one or two coats of mascara. I usually opt for a soft pink blush on my cheeks to get a really natural flush. If I’m going out or getting ready for a special occasion, I’ll start with a tinted moisturizer, do a light neutral shade of eyeshadow on my lids, and finish off with a quick dusting of rose gold highlighter on my cheekbones for some dimension. 


What does a typical Saturday look like for you?


My husband and I just got a new puppy, so our Saturdays (and everyday) are looking quite different now! He usually wakes us up bright and early at 6am, and then demands play time. The rest of the day alternates between puppy playtime, training and sleep (for him). While he's sleeping, I like to catch up on some reading. I recently read that one of the pillars of happiness is mental fulfillment and nourishment, so I'm trying to get better about finding time to do that! We like to invite friends over for dinner, so I’ll usually cook a special meal (or order in if that fails). I’m usually heading to bed around 11, where I’ll likely have another restless night of puppy waking us up every two hours! 

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