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Product Spotlight: Dew Balm + Glowy Super Gel

Saie Hello to Your New Glowing-Skin Essentials.


They’re here! We just launched our newest additions to the Saie family, our Dew Balms and the Glowy Super Gel, and to say we’re excited is a major understatement. When we started brainstorming what would be next for Saie, we went straight to our community for the answers. You wanted an all-over illuminator and a highlighter that wasn’t too dewy, wasn’t too strobe, doesn’t cake, and knows how to make cheekbones catch the light just right. 

So, we went ahead and made them for you. Here’s why our Dew Balms and our Glowy Super Gel will become your new go-to for a perfectly dewy, is-that-a-filter (?!) complexion. 

Introducing Dew Balm 

We call this our Bouncy Marshmallow Highlighter because that’s exactly how it looks and feels on our skin. We took our time developing our highlighter because we’ve seen so many highlighters go wrong. Highlighters with the strobe cranked up way too high and made with harmful ingredients were everywhere, so we developed a formula that blends easily, plumps and nourishes the skin, and offers a subtle buildable sheen that enhances your complexion without overpowering it. 

Why We Love It

Made with completely clean and moisturizing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Marshmallow Root, Jojoba, Elderberry, and Sunflower & Olive Root oils, the brightening and pearlescent effect and the Dew Balm’s skin-plumping benefits literally come out of the formula itself. These same ingredients are packed with fatty acids so that your skin is actually getting nourished with nutrients via your makeup. Our Dew Balms are made of a putty-like consistency (weird-sounding texture but trust us on how well it wears) that’s squishy and easy to apply and build upon. It’s soft yet not too silky, so you get that glossy, wet sheen that melts into a totally illuminated complexion. 



Getting Lit With Glowy Super Gel 

Next up comes our illuminator which was designed and formulated with one thing in mind: Majorly update a much-loved product so that it’s truly multifunctional. We wanted to create something that you could wear alone for a dewy, all-over glow, or as a primer under your foundation or tinted SPF for an extra hint of non-glittery shimmer. Most importantly we wanted to create a product that takes care of your skin while you wear it. 


Why We Love It: 

The Glowy Super Gel is a formula made up of mostly water (75% if we’re getting exact) and 10 powerhouse ingredients including Papaya, Vitamin C, and Rosehip Seed, among others. Together they brighten skin and keep your complexion nourished and hydrated while instantly illuminating your skin. The high water content in the gel also means you’re getting a truly lightweight formula that works with your skin and gives it a subtle glow without looking overly shimmery. It’s meant to look like you’re wearing nothing and thanks to its water base and skin-loving ingredients, it feels like you’re wearing nothing. It’s that lit-from-within look anyone whose bought an illuminator is trying to capture. We also like to wear it on our collarbones, shoulders, and legs for a boost of shine when we’re feeling it. 

Go ahead and get on your glow up. 
Shop our new Dew Balms and Glowy Super Gel Here.

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