Meet our Founder – Saie

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Meet our Founder

After years of working for massive brands within the beauty industry and launching her own clean beauty blog— The Moment, Laney Crowell noticed something major was missing from the market: clean makeup. Specifically clean makeup that’s well, cool. Skincare products that touted non-toxic ingredients were easy to find, but makeup made from safe and good-for-you ingredients that looked great on your vanity was seriously lacking.

Laney decided to launch Saie Beauty as a way to make clean makeup easily available for all and to build it on a mission of real sustainability: there are more than 2,000 ingredients Saie refuses to use in their products. We sat down with Laney to learn more about her go-to beauty looks, how she stays grounded while running a business and having a family, and her favorite guilty pleasure…


Describe your job at Saie in three words. Ready, go! 


Perseverance, determination, big thinking. 


What does it mean to you to “Have It All”? 


Living in a place of gratitude across all aspects of my life. Simultaneously, being confident in, and proud of my actions. 


What’s your favorite time of day? Why? 


I love the beginning of the day. I'm definitely a morning person! I usually wake up around 5:30am or 6am. I like to make my morning matcha, meditate and then make a special, healthy breakfast for my husband Shawn and daughter Isabella. It's an hour that's just for me and I really get to start the day in the right way. Ideally, I get to work before 9am which is when my mind is operating super optimally. I'm most creative, productive, and efficient early in the day. I try to leave my mornings open so I can really get a lot done. Usually the majority of my work is done before 2pm. Then I take meetings and workout in the afternoon. 


Do you have a go-to beauty look? Walk us through it.


My go-to look is super easy and quick. I don't like to spend a lot of time on my makeup. I start by prepping my skin with a few skincare products (toner, oil, eye cream) and then I apply a tinted moisturizer all over, and then I comb and set my brows with Brow Butter. Next I curl my lashes and put on a few coats of Mascara 101. If I have more time I put on blush and concealer. My last step is always our Liquid Lip Balm which I apply over and over throughout the day! 


 What’s your guilty pleasure? 


Oh so many! Probably my hour of T.V. at the end of the day. I love it so much even though I know I should be reading!

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