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How to do your makeup in 2-minutes (or less)

We don't know about you, but my WFH schedule has been BUSY! From my daily walks, to obsessively cleaning and reorganizing everything in my apartment, to cooking three meals (ok, four) a day, and keeping up with everything work related? Whew. I'll do anything in my power to get in those extra minutes of self care to distract me from the endless pile of dishes, or anything going on in the outside world. 

That's why we just launched the  2-minute Makeup Kit, so you can pick up everything you need to finesse your feel-good makeup in 2-minutes (or less). It includes our award-winning Mascara 101, best-selling Glowy Super Gel, chart-topping Liquid Lip Balm, and the fan-favorite Brow Butter shade of your choice. Feeling good is just a 2 swipes, a pump, and a fluff away. This $73 kit has an $83 value and is only available here on

Here's how our team #keepsglowing with their 2-Minute Makeup routines:



"My 2-minute routine is my only routine. My makeup skills are OK at best. I need easy to use and products that perform and last."


I start with @firstaidbeauty moisturizer--it's clean and good for dry skin. For added protection (SPF) and even more moisture I use @firstaidbeauty tinted moisturizer. For a Glowy finish, I add one pump of Glowy Super Gel. I dab @glossier Stretch Concealer under my eyes (always go a shade lighter to bring some light to your eyes) and fill in and shape my brows with Brow Butter in Tinted (I like to apply a few extra coats and brush the hairs keeping them a little messy for a natural look--but also a filled in feel).  I apply about 4 coats of Mascara 101. I got rid of my false lashes for this mascara and I haven't missed them since! I mix Dew Balm in Rosy Gold and Bronze Nectar, and I warm it up on my fingertips then apply it on my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose. Then finish with Liquid Lip Balm!



"During the week I only have time for a two minute makeup routine since I start my days early. My goal is to look dewy, fresh and pulled together."

- Sarah

I start with @indie_lee Squalane Oil and @odacite Eye Contour Serum. Then I apply Glowy Super Gel. (always and forever) all over my face. I use Dew Balm in Rosy Gold on upper cheek bones, brow bones, cupids bow and then I apply a tinted SPF. For bronzer I use a @victoriabeckham x @esteelauder one that I developed a few years back. Then I apply Mascara 101...then Brow Butter in Tinted and lip gloss (something we have cooking that I am very excited about). :)



"I keep glowing thanks to this little and quick routine. Glowy Super Gel + Dew Balm + a red lip are what make me feel extra good through the ups and downs."

- Geri

For my face, I use Glowy Super Gel, @narsissist Radiant Creamy Concealer and @kosas bronzer. then I use Mascara 101@esteelauder  Brow Pencil and @kosas Thrillest. Wet hair is courtesy of @actandacre.



"I'm using this time as a little bit of a break for my skin (I usually wear a base, Water Tint is my favorite rn, so my 2 minute routine is quite literally 2-minutes!"

- Erin

I cleanse my face with @joellecioccoparis cleanser my facialist @lizzie_hanes just dropped off to me. She's a life saver! Then I apply 2 pumps of Glowy Super Gel all over my face.  I brush up my brows with Brow Butter in Clear, and apply pink blush on my cheeks and a but on my nose. Then I finish off with a bit of Rosy Gold Dew Balm on my cheekbones. 


What's your 2-minute routine?

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