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Things We're Loving Right Now: At Home Edition

Every once in a while, all of us at team Saie will round up a list of things we’re loving right now. From recipes to podcasts to books or a new product, it’s a collection of the things we’re excited about and loving at any given moment. 

Today we’re sharing some of the things we’re loving that have brought us joy, comfort, laughs, insight, and everything in between as we stay at home. 

So here it is! 

Our list of everything we’re loving right now, put together by all of us at Saie. 

We hope these things bring a little comfort to your days like they have for us. 

Recipes & Cooking Channels  

Bon Appetit’s YouTube channel is always fun to dive into, but their new At Home videos have been our go-to as the recipes are really approachable and utilize what’s already sitting in your fridge! 

Laila Gohar’s Instagram account. Laila is a chef and food artist hired by companies to create art installations with food. She doesn’t normally share many of her recipes, but during quarantine she’s been releasing recipes for simple and super flavorful dishes that only rely on a few ingredients. Her IG account is also just aesthetically really nice and definitely worth a check out! 

Unique Hammond’s Bean Protocol. This diet isn’t really a diet at all but rather a way of eating. It relies on simple, healing foods to rebalance a compromised gut. We’ve been using our free time to concoct interesting recipes that follow the protocol. 

Good TV

If you haven’t already binged Unorthodox on Netflix, do it now! We flew through it and it’s only four episodes so it’s easy to watch in a few sittings. We also loved the Netflix show, How to Fix a Drug Scandal

And if you’re looking for something a little bit more lighthearted or a show that you can turn on and zone out to (it’s okay to crave some distraction right now) we suggest heading to YouTube for The Great Pottery Throwdown. It’s essentially The Great British Bake-Off but for ceramics. It’s the perfect watch for unwinding, the contestants are sweet and the competition doesn’t feel  stiff because they just want to make beautiful vases. Highly recommended! 


@thesculptsociety daily workouts are a mix of dance cardio and body sculpting exercises led by celebrity trainer Megan Roup. They’re challenging but leave you feeling like you just put your body through something good. 

SweatFest with Ryan Heffington. Almost every day you can find Ryan dancing in his living room for about an hour on Instagram live. While you’ll definitely feel your heart pumping, this is much more of a fun, free for all dance session than a hardcore workout. Ryan guides you through the dances but encourages you to do whatever you feel as long as you’re moving! 

Active by Pop Sugar has released tons of free workout classes that range from strength training to yoga to cardio and more. Making an account is free and it’s easy to filter through all of their classes to find a workout that’s right for you. 


Rahua Founder's Blend Hair & Scalp Treatment.  A recent favorite hair treatment that’s completely plant-based and super reinvigorating for dry, tired hair. We put this on during non-video conference calls or while we’re catching up with friends over the phone. 


Baby Foot is a deep skin exfoliator for your feet. Everyday you wear the exfoliating socks for two hours but we’re serious when we say it’s like magic for your feet. After you finish the entire treatment your feet are soft, smooth, and completely exfoliated. It takes about two weeks total to complete but since you’re at home there’s really no better time to try it! 


Indie Lee’s Clearing Face Mask. We’re all about doing treatments during the day while we’re working on our laptops or around the house so that we can focus on Netflix, games, and virtually hanging with quarantined friends in the evenings.  


Miscellaneous Fun 

The Armchair Expert podcast spinoff, Monica & Jess Love Boys

Listening to music and doing absolutely nothing else! Whether you have a record player at home or some headphones, turning on tunes that make you feel happy and calm can be just the moment you need to get re-grounded. NTS radio has tons of playlists to suit your mood. 

Good Old-Fashioned Board Games. Scrabble, Monopoly (you probably have the time), puzzles, Chess, Jenga. We’ve been pulling out old favorites and ordering a few new ones to pass the time! 

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