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How do you pronounce Saie? What does it mean?

It's Saie, as in "Say hello!" The name comes from a conversation our founder Laney had with her community's followers on Insta Stories one night. She had noticed there wasn't any clean makeup in the group’s collective beauty closet. Tons of skincare, lots of ingestibles, but no makeup. So Laney started asking questions to understand why. The women said that clean beauty was too expensive. They said it didn't perform. And they said it simply wasn't cool. When our team was creating the brand, we kept going back to this conversation. Over and over again, we reminded ourselves to listen to what our community had to SAY — and that sparked the idea. We added a little femininity with an “-ie” at the end...and there you have it! Saie was born. :)

Why is Saie different to other clean makeup?

Where do we begin?! The short answer is: experience, sustainability, and price. First, we spent our careers in big beauty and fashion. You could say it's where we got our training. Because of this, we have unprecedented access to the best-of-the-best experts, ingredients, and labs to create our makeup, and we can bring that experience and those relationships to our products and the clean makeup world. Next, we look at everything through a sustainable lens. We carefully analyze our packaging, ingredients, and suppliers to reduce our impact. Sadly, our world is not set up to be low waste (in fact, it's quite the opposite), but every day we are making strides to be more sustainable. You can email us with any thoughts you have here: sustainability@saiehello.com. And then, price. We knew that we only wanted to create luxury formulas, with the best and cleanest ingredients, but we also knew that we wanted everyone to be able to use our makeup. So we cut out the middleman and we always keep price in mind when making decisions like what the packaging should be. As a result, we’re really proud that when we launch, all of our products are under $25.


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