Our clean skincare shelves were overflowing but when we went searching for beautiful, well designed, clean makeup we came up empty. So we made Saie, designed clean.

<p>Laney Crowell, Founder & CEO</p>

Laney Crowell, Founder & CEO

“I grew up living between California and Paris, bouncing back and forth between nature and fashion. I originally moved to New York to work in magazines and ended up at one of the biggest beauty companies in the world. I was living my dream, but I felt awful. I missed my life being rooted in nature, once I felt like I couldn’t ignore it any longer I started to really focus on wellness.

 I started experimenting with nutrition, then meditation, and eventually beauty. If I was so conscious about what I put in my body, shouldn’t I be just as sure of what I was putting on my body?

I was going clean in every area of my life but wondered why makeup was so far behind. Why was it so difficult to find makeup that was clean and fashionable? Why should women always have to choose between clean makeup they should buy and the cool makeup they want to buy. Couldn’t a world exist that did both?

After chatting with my blog’s community on Instagram one night I realized I wasn’t the only one. So I began the Saie journey and set out on a mission to change the way we do beauty, to change the way we talk about clean beauty— by building a brand that was radically transparent, really worked, and truly clean.

Saie was designed to prove to women everywhere that makeup can be clean, chic and unforgettable.”

“Our Saie products are a hybrid between my two worlds — fashion and clean beauty. I hope they inspire you to look good, feel good and do good.  Here's to having it all.”

<p>Laney Crowell, Founder & CEO</p>