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Meet The Permanent Collection

Saie Vintage

A tight edit of Saie Vintage best-sellers including denim jackets and crisp garment-dyed button downs curated and embroidered by our friends at Large Lemonade.

  • The Vintage Denim Jacket
    in One Size

    100% cotton vintage denim
  • The Vintage Silk Scarf - Mystery Print

    100% Silk Scarf
  • The Vintage Button Down
    in Small / Medium

    Pre-shrunk boxy fit

With sustainability always at the forefront of our mission (and as vintage lovers ourselves), we created Saie Vintage to replace brand new cookie-cutter merch with carefully selected one-of-a-kind pieces you can wear for years to come. Working alongside talented curators and embroidery artists, this is our way of doing branded merch – good for you and the planet we love.

Why Saie Vintage?

“We kept getting so many requests for merch but we didn’t want to contribute any more waste to our planet or go the fast fashion route. Instead, we created merch that you can feel good about buying: Saie Vintage is totally unique, it’s safe for the environment, and it helps to support small businesses and vintage curators.”

- Laney Crowell, Saie Founder and CEO (and vintage lover)