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Really Great Gloss is Here!

Lip Gloss Can Be Forgettable. Really Great Gloss Isn’t. Here’s Why.

You know it’s happened to you before: you’re fishing around your purse looking for your car keys or a hair clip, and you accidentally grab a tube of something. You pull it out and think to yourself, “Oh yeah! That lip gloss.This was... kind of nice?” before tossing it back into the depths of your bag. Lots of lip glosses are like that. They’re just...kind of nice. So we decided to do something different. 

Saie hello to Really Great Gloss! It’s a gloss that we promise won’t ever get lost in the deep reaches of your bag, because you’ll always want to keep this one on hand, ready to apply at any moment of your day. When you guys told us you wanted a lip gloss, you didn’t just want any gloss. You wanted to wear a gloss that was packed with tons of superhero ingredients that would actually benefit lips while you wear it. We agreed, too. We were tired of seeing glosses that focused on aesthetics only without paying attention to how it would feel on and the benefits it would deliver to your lips.


Let’s Talk Ingredients

We started with a cushy, oil-infused base so lips feel coated, plump, and have a hydrated, just-right shine (not a sticky one). We wanted to use an ingredient that would exfoliate lips while it was on them, and after a lot of research that ingredient ended up being apple! Yep, we included gentle apple extract in the gloss to slough away dead skin cells so the rest of our powerhouse ingredients can go to work. It creates a light tingling sensation which we actually love because you know the apple extract is doing its thing. 

 Now you’re starting with a hydrated and smooth lip, and this is how your pout will really reap the benefits. We formulated Really Great Gloss with 100% clean and completely natural ingredients so that everything penetrating your lips is good for them. Hyaluronic Acid, Coconut Milk, Sunflower Butter and Grapeseed oil all work together to plump lips and send deep hydration below the lip’s surface. 

The goal here wasn’t to create a gloss that just looked good (though obviously that was an important factor, too)... but to make something that was actually helpful for lips in the long term. We included the powerful antioxidants vitamins B and E as well as jojoba and shea butters (key fatty acids your lips and skin love) and a natural Amino Acid complex in the gloss, all of which provide conditioning nourishment to your lips so that they feel smooth and hydrated even when you’re not wearing anything on them. There’s also a little bit of caffeine in the formula which helps get the blood in your lips circulating, making them appear fuller and healthier. Think of it like you’re wearing a hydrating overnight face mask, except you can bring it along in your bag and it looks cute on.  :) 

Why Your Lips Will Love It 

Sticky and overly shiny (sometimes even glittery?!) glosses need to go. Really Great Gloss goes on smooth and feels cushiony and comforting and not like your lips are sticking together (throwback to the ancient days of wearing Lancome Juicy Tubes!). We came up with 6 different super wearable shades that are easy to dress up or down depending on what you’re feeling. Pair it over our liquid lip balm and you’ll call it a day everyday. 

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