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Mood Music: On

Our brand new radiant loose setting powder, Airset, is finally here! And what better way to indulge in some easygoing elegance than with a moody playlist perfect for getting ready? Pour a drink, stay in your fluffiest robe, get your lighting right, and turn up the tunes. 



Keep on reading to get our Airset artistry trips from Saie’s director of education (and talented makeup artist), Stevie, and check out our Airset application video below! 

A Makeup Artist’s Guide to Airset Application 

For Eyeshadow: Sweep a generous layer of Airset under your eyes down to the cheeks before applying powder eye shadow to easily wipe away any fallout. OR, blot eyelids with a thin layer of Airset before shadow application to absorb excess oils and prevent creasing.

For Lipstick: Separate a tissue into 2 plies. Holding 1 sheer layer of tissue over a bold lip, press Airset through the tissue using The Fluffy Brush on top of the lips to improve wear time.

For Concealer: To build up concealer coverage, gently apply Airset over the first layer and then apply an additional layer of concealer.

For Mascara: For maximum lash volume, sprinkle Airset on top of bare lashes before applying your first coat of Mascara. Then, sprinkle a 2nd time and finish by combing lashes through once again.

Lights, Airset, Action!

Our friend, Lyn, shows you how to apply Slip Tint and Airset to blur, diffuse, and set your look and create the perfect amount of translucent coverage.  

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