The Saie Look

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The Saie Look

We will forever love the cool girl on the street, on the subway, in the elevator who possesses that je ne sais quoi attitude. You know the one. She’s at once timeless and current, she pulls off an aesthetic that looks complete but was no doubt thrown together in five minutes.

Our go-to kit is inspired by and made for the ones who want to look that good, but don’t really want to think about it.

 Here’s How We Do It:

Using our Brow Butter in tinted or clear, brush your brows to comb through them so that they lay flat. Brush your brows up and out on both sides for a bold, feathery look.

Curl your lashes, then grab our Mascara 101 and do one to two coats for a doe eyed Birkin look. Add more for drama.

Top it off with a quick swipe of our lip balm.

Et Voila. All done.

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