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Festival Survival Kit

On your way to soak up the sun and some incredible music? We made a quick guide for what to pack.

Slip Tint:

One compact tube for your moisturizer, SPF, and face makeup. Can you say multitasking?

Glowy Super Gel:

Pro tip: Grab the mini and put some on your collarbones for a major boost of glow. You know, so your friends can spot you in the crowd.

Sun Melt:

The solution for makeup that's also skincare and doesn't ever feel heavy or stuffy. This will give you a subtle contour and natural bronze.

Dew Blush:

Try Spicy to look the cute amount of sunburned without actually being sunburned. Sunvisor: Because reapplying SPF to stay fully protected when you’re outdoors all day is definitely a thing.
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