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Make the Perfect End-of-Summer Martini

Summer is officially over, but we’re soaking up every last moment of warm weather and long days however we (safely) can! Though lots of us might associate the season with tangy margaritas or a chilled rosé, we like to end our summer days with a super dry martini. They’re refreshing, subtle––and because we like them dirty–– have a little kick from the salty brine of the olive juice. Saie’s very own head of marketing and resident martini maker Erin shows us how she perfects the martini. 

Watch it below.

 To make your own you’ll need: 

  • Decent (ish) Vodka. Erin’s using Ketel One. Tito’s is another good call. 
  • High-Quality Olives - This should be the “splurge” of the drink, especially if you like your martinis dirty. Eataly usually has good ones. 
  • Dry Vermouth - Dolin Dry Vermouth works well here. 
  • Cocktail shaker with lots of ice
  • Shot glass 
  • Martini glass (chill it first if you want to be extra with your martini game) 


*pour each of these ingredients in order into your shaker: 

  • 2 shots of vodka 
  • 1 shot of olive juice 
  • ¼ shot dry vermouth

Shake up all of the ingredients for roughly 15-20 seconds. 

Pour into a chilled martini glass and garnish with two olives! 

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