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Q&A with Laney on Motherhood

In honor of Mother's day we decided to ask our founder Laney a few questions on motherhood...


What's one piece of advice you would have wanted to know when starting a family? (for all the mother's to be)
Everything is a phase. Everything. It's so important to remember, both with the good and the bad. 

What's one Saie product that has made getting ready in the morning tremendously easier?
The 2-minute makeup kit is my favorite! I put all 4 products on every day and it's such a mood booster. Being pregnant right now during this really crazy time can be a host of uncertain and overwhelming feelings. Spending a couple of minutes getting ready and feeling good changes everything.

What's your favorite thing about being a mother?
Watching Isabella grow and become her own person, and getting to teach and talk to her about how to be kind, strong, and herself. And, I can't not mention all the snuggles.

What's your favorite memory, so far, of being a mother?
Having Isabella tell me that she's "always here for me." - I have no idea where it came from but I'll never forget it.

What's one thing you've carried down from the way your mother raised you?
Persistence is everything. My mom is incredibly accomplished and took a lot of pleasure from her job and career. I'm the same way. The lesson she taught me over and over again through her actions, is that success is not about being the most talented and gifted, it's about putting in the work and never giving up. As they say, "It's 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration" and I saw and learned that from my mom my whole life. 

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