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A Gloss So Great We Made a Zine About It!

We wanted to make a gloss we were actually excited to wear; a gloss that was clean, cushiony, super effective, and felt like it played well with the rest of the products in our makeup bags. You guys were looking for that too, and after a lot of work, Really Great Gloss was born. To celebrate the launch of what we feel like is the gloss we’ve all been looking for, we put a little zine together and tapped some of our favorite ladies to contribute! From a playlist curated by the one and only Bec Adams and interviews with the makeup artist Matisse and LPA creative director Pia Baroncini, it’s a project we’ve been so excited to share with you. 

Dive into your copy of The Juicy Zine here

We’ve always felt like lipgloss is a product that gets a lot of polarizing reactions. It’s usually you either love it and it’s a beauty staple you use everyday, or you avoid it at all costs because you’re about that matte look. On top of that, a lot of people hate the sticky, too-glossy texture of a lipgloss (so do we) and the feeling like it isn’t doing anything for your lips outside of giving them some extra shine. But after making Really Great Gloss, we’ve grown to think it’s actually the most versatile thing in your makeup bag. Seriously, when a gloss is done right it’s kind of the thing that ties a whole look together. 

“A Soft, Yummy Cashmere Blanket For Your Lips…” 

That’s how our head of product development, Sarah Tallman, describes in our zine how she wanted Really Great Gloss to feel on her lips. We went to work on making a gloss that was different and formulated with ingredients that feel good to wear and are doing good while you wear them. That’s why we packed our gloss with exfoliating apple extract, hydrating grapeseed oil and sunflower butter, and a natural amino complex to keep your lips nourished among a slew of other powerhouse ingredients. 

And when it came to creating a gloss that would be the most versatile thing in your makeup bag and the secret weapon to completing any type of look, shade selection was key. 

Easy. Cute. Fresh. Chill. Sweet. These are the names of each shade and they totally live up to their moniker. We didn’t want a gloss that, after swiping it on, created a look that didn’t suit your mood. Sometimes glosses look a little too fancy, a little too tweeny, or don’t have enough of that juicy shine to make lips stand out. Really Great Gloss does. From a casual, go-to look to a lip that’s a little bit more dramatic, every shade was designed to be versatile and wearable, no matter what you’re up to. 

We hope you love our Really Great Gloss! 

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Team Saie

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