Amanda's Holiday Look

For a vibrant pink look Amanda wears Slip Tint in 3.5, Brow Butter in Blonde, Mascara 101, Dew Blush in Dreamy on cheeks and eyes then mixed with her favorite pink lipstick to get that dreamy lip color.
Slip Tint ${selectedOrFirstAvailableVariant.public_title}
Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Tinted Moisturizer
Choose Your Shade  —  $32
Mascara 101 ${selectedOrFirstAvailableVariant.public_title}
Thick, Bold, Lifted Lashes.


Brow Butter ${selectedOrFirstAvailableVariant.public_title}
Sculpted, Styled, Shaped Brows.


Dew Blush ${selectedOrFirstAvailableVariant.public_title}

Liquid Cheek Flush 


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