Curiosity is rewarded. We try to answer everything here so you’re not left in the dark. If you don’t find your answer here, shoot us an email.


Where are your products made?

Made in the US, Canada, and Italy. 

Will your products cause me to breakout? 

They should not, as we have worked to create textures that contain more lightweight, non-comedogenic oils. (Did you know? A “comedone” is a pore blockage, so non-comedogenic ingredients are those that do not generate pore blockages — they won’t block your pores.)

How long will my product last?

It’s different for every product. Most have a shelf life of 1 to 3 years before opening. Once opened, they will last for 3 to 12 months — look for the “period after opening” or open jar symbol on the packaging. 

Will my product melt/dry/freeze/expire?

Our products go through rigorous tests called freeze/thaw series to insure they do not melt. Technically, formulas with a high water content could freeze but it would be rare in typical household temps. Products with volatile ingredients or high water content can evaporate and dry out but it's not likely with the packaging we select.

What skin types are Saie products suitable for?

Please see product pages for specific information on complexion products and what skin types they are best suited for. Our mascara, lip and brow products are great for everyone!

Does Saie test on animals?

No way. We are a cruelty free brand.

How is Saie sustainable?

To learn more about sustainability at Saie, go to Our Practices for more information. We take sustainability and our environment very seriously and we are doing our best to use sustainable materials in everything from our packaging to our ingredients. If you have anything to add to the conversation, please email sustainability@saiehello.com 

Is Saie organic?

We are not completely organic but do use many organic ingredients. While some brands might stretch this into calling themselves organic, transparency is of the utmost importance to us. If you look at our ingredient labels, you'll see that we call out our organic ingredients.

Is Saie vegan?

Glowy Super Gel, Dew Blush, Really Great Gloss are all vegan! Outside of sustainably & ethically sourced beeswax, the rest of our ingredients are also vegan, which you can read more about here

Are your products gluten-free?

We’re happy to report that none of our products' ingredients contain gluten! However they were not made in gluten-free facilities, nor do we have a gluten-free certification.

What does safer synthetics mean and why does Saie use them?

Safer synthetics are raw materials that have been developed or bio-synthesized in a lab. Most of the safer synthetics we use are derived from plants. We use safe synthetics to enhance the performance of our products.

Can I use Saie if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. While we did not test our products on pregnant women, all of our products are suitable for most skin types. We recommend consulting with your doctor before introducing any new products or ingredients into your routine while pregnant or breastfeeding. In fact, two of our founders both wore Saie throughout their entire pregnancies! Check out our Ingredients Page on our website for a full list of everything we use in our formulas, and let us know if you have any further questions.

Do you use preservatives?

Of course! We have to use preservatives in order to prevent bacteria from growing, especially in water-based formulas. Examples include: Phenethyl Alcohol and Potassium Sorbate. We do not use Parabens, Methylparaben, or Propylparaben because they are known carcinogens. We also do not use Phenoxyethanol because it is a petrochemical, which isn't good for your body or our planet.

Do you use essential oils?

Yes, but very selectively.

Where is your Mica from?

We understand this can be a red-flag ingredient, however, the mica we use in our formulas is sustainably & ethically sourced through the Ecocert process. It’s 100% free of child labor. Our suppliers unfortunately don't disclose the exact locations of the mines, which is typical for the industry. We always hope to be as transparent as possible when sourcing our ingredients!

How can I learn more about a product?

Please visit our product pages or send us an email at hi@saiehello.com if there is anything else you are interested in learning about.

What is your plan for future products?

We have lots and lots of plans for future products. Please follow us on instagram @saiebeauty to keep abreast of about new product launches.

What is the difference between Saie formulas and other formulas?

At Saie we focus on developing products that we really, really want for ourselves and members of our community. They are formulas or products that are either missing in the non-toxic market, or that we feel are superior to other products.

What should I do if I am having an allergic reaction to a Saie product?

Something not playing nicely with your skin? We’d love to help! Please send an email to hi@saiehello.com within 30 days of receiving the product so we can assist. We also encourage you to check out our Full Ingredients List before ordering if you have a known sensitivity. 

How do I find my shade?

We’d love to get you shade-matched for Slip Tint, and/or make personalized product recommendations for you! Send us a selfie to hi@saiehello.com, or text SAIE to (833) 761-7421, and our team will make our recommendation. Our hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST. 

Pump fix?

Having trouble with your pump? No worries, there’s an easy fix! Our eco-friendly pumps for Glowy Super Gel, Slip Tint & Sunvisor work based on having an airtight seal - there is no straw like other pumps have, meaning less plastic. However, sometimes an air bubble can sneak into the bottle making it finicky, but there are a few different tricks to work out the extra air in your bottle:

Make sure the pump is tightly screwed onto the bottle and try to get the product down near the pump (holding upside down helps). Then, hold a finger tightly over the dispenser so you're completely blocking anything, even air, from coming out. Simultaneously, slowly & firmly pump the tube several times - this creates a pressure that will help work out the air bubble. 

For Slip Tint & Sunvisor, it may help to squeeze the bottle lightly while you pump as well! If that doesn’t work, carefully unscrew the pump from the tube, then gently squeeze the product down to the tube opening (like toothpaste!). This should help release some air from the tube. Before any product is squeezed out, screw the pump back on securely and try these steps again. For further assistance, please email hi@saiehello.com!