Clean Beauty Kits

Slip Brush Duo ${selectedOrFirstAvailableVariant.public_title}
Everyday essentials
Edit Your Duo  —  $52 $57
Complexion Boost ${selectedOrFirstAvailableVariant.public_title}
Endless Summer Glow
Edit Your Duo  —  $55 $60
The Sun Melt Duo ${selectedOrFirstAvailableVariant.public_title}
The perfect brush for the perfect bronze
Edit Your Duo  —  $49 $53
Cheek Dewo ${selectedOrFirstAvailableVariant.public_title}
The foolproof blush for a cheeky flush
Edit Your Duo  —  $40 $44
Skin Glow Duo ${selectedOrFirstAvailableVariant.public_title}
Protection + Illuminated
Edit Your Duo  —  $54 $59
The Have It All Box ${selectedOrFirstAvailableVariant.public_title}
Gift Set
Edit Your Kit  —  $150 $168
The Day-To-Night Box ${selectedOrFirstAvailableVariant.public_title}
Gift Set
Edit Your Kit  —  $74
Really Great Gloss Duo ${selectedOrFirstAvailableVariant.public_title}
Hydrating Treatment Gloss
Edit Your Duo  —  $36 $40
2-Minute Makeup Kit ${selectedOrFirstAvailableVariant.public_title}
Feathered, Glowy, Groomed, Polished.
Edit Your Kit  —  $78 $85
The Glow Kit ${selectedOrFirstAvailableVariant.public_title}
The Glow Essentials.
Edit Your Kit  —  $70 $79

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