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We are a team of handpicked beauty experts who have decades of industry-wide experience spanning from product development to performance.

Who is behind Saie and what do we mean by experts?

Our team comes with over 60 years of experience in beauty, sustainability and product development, and we're going clean. As experts in the industry we've seen just how far we have to go for high performing clean beauty. Meet the team who's going to take us there.



Sarah started out in product development over 20 years ago and has worked with some of the biggest names in the beauty industry across skincare, makeup and fragrance. Sarah was loading up her car to move to LA when Laney called to bring her on to the team. Sarah was already on a personal journey towards clean after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, with her expertise in product formulation and connections to the top labs in the world, she’s at the forefront of clean beauty innovation.

Her approach to product development is to look at it from a skincare perspective first, designing formulas to feel luxurious on your skin, without the toxic ingredients.

“Truly clean product development is really hard and it’s not the way the big labs are used to working. It’s a time consuming and complicated process but it’s so worth it.”



Geri has been extensively living and talking about wellness and beauty most of her adult life. She’s spent the last 15 years immersed in the beauty blogging world and since her journey to motherhood she’s tapped more specifically into clean beauty.

Geri was busy running her startup, LEAFtv when she met Laney who was looking for content creators. Geri has a knack for building community with her personal YouTube channel and website which have amassed her industry clout and a cult following. Geri joins the team as Creative Director working on anything and everything from content creation and social media channels to influencer activations and partnerships.

“Clean makeup has been missing what I love about beauty in general: that ‘je ne sais quoi’ feeling. Where was the fun?! The sexiness?! The empowerment?! The elevation?! The CHIC packaging?!”



Hailing from Boulder Colorado, Hanna’s childhood was built on sustainability before it was ever part of her work. Her family grew their own vegetables, had a plot in the community garden and carpooled everywhere. Hanna’s introduction to the beauty world came through working at CAP Beauty, NYC while studying for her Masters in Art History.

After graduating Hanna worked on sustainability in clean beauty. She was responsible for developing systems company wide from the recycling in the office, to the way the warehouses are run. After meeting Laney through a family friend, Hanna was immediately drawn to her ‘go big or go home’ approach to going clean. She knew that she wanted to be part of a brand that was going to lead the conversation and take responsibility for setting a new standard for innovative clean beauty.

“I care about how waste is produced, where along the process it happens on a micro level, and how as a brand what we do matters. I want to be a brand that can lead the way in taking steps to minimize our waste.” 



Tina started her career in management consulting and investment banking eventually finding her place in the product and brand management world. She’s worked in global marketing, strategy and new business development for some of the biggest beauty companies in the industry.

Drawn to Laney’s sharp business sense, creative vision and her no-nonsense approach to building a business, she knew this would be a perfect match. After exploring the gaming world in San Francisco, Tina is returning to beauty to use her experience in insights and analytics to help Laney execute on her creative vision.

“Saie has brought together the best industry experts with the singular vision of creating the coolest clean beauty brand.”

FROM OUR Founder

“It was important to me that being clean and being sustainable were priorities in their personal lives. It’s hard to formulate clean beauty and it is hard to be sustainable, the only way to do it is if you are passionate about it.”

FROM OUR Founder